Friday, November 25, 2011

Sarah turns one!

Happy birthday, my precious bundle of joy. You grow too fast.. Mama still wants you to stay a baby. But now you crawls so fast. U love to feed yourself. U learn how to stand on your own and you learn how to walk. The next thing I I know, you'll be running around the blocks :') *sniff sniff* Mama wish you to grow into a child of God. Walk in His path. Fears Him, love Him. Mama & papa love you much, dear. Super much *tight hug* I love you, baby girl. -mama-

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Anyone know hot to upload a picture to blog from ipad?

Introducing the almost 10th mont old 'newborn' baby :p

Ah yes, I forget to introduce my baby girl... Sarah Emma Setiawan. Born 25th November 2010. 3.3kg and 50cm. Round and cute like a cabbage baby ;) And now, she is almost 10 month old :D sha can crawl very fast, standing while holding on something, says papa & mama & cie cie. She loves to play a lot. She is active. She babbles. She loves watching little children playing, she also loves watching people singing and dancing. She HATES headbands -__-! as in really hates it. She would just grab it and throw it away. And if you insist on putting it on her head, then she would start to scream and cry, hehehe. I love to dress her in simple jumper and she gets used to it, so if i dress her in a dress or frilly, frilly clothes, she would look at it uncomfortably, tried to take it off and kepp pulling her dress, hihi. Of course by now baby blue is long gone :) by now I just can't thanks Him enough for trusting me with this little, sweet angel.

Friday, September 16, 2011


Ehem... Blog has a new face? Wow! That makes me have to 'learn' blogging again. That shows how long i haven't been blogging, I guess. Well to be honest, i even forget my own username & password!! *big guilty grin* So... To start where i stopped is like impossible :p and now I'm confused what to share,where to start :( Ok, about pregnancy... Well, I still dislike 'pregnancy'. The feeling of huge, bloated, sentimental, and the attention from all the people. Not to mention those caressing ur stomach, haha. On top of that, I was ugly with those pimples all over my face :( so, yeah.. Let's skip this part. Baby blues... Yeah I'm in! I tought all babies are angelic? Having a baby is the best feeling in the world? Your husband would look at you so tenderly, so lovingly and shower you with presents and love?? I tought it ws heaven??? But how come what I'm feeling is far from 'the best feeling in the world?' I had such a bad flu that I can't even hold my baby as long as I like?!! That caesar, I can hardly move! My breastmilk is not produced, yet! I insisted not to give Sarah anything but breastmilk. People kept questioning me, can breastfeed already? Has it comes out?? Don't use breastpump, use breastpump, use hand pump, use formula, bla bla bla and I'm stressed out. Baby is crying, she is hungry, I can't hold her. I forced myelf to move that it hurts. Now baby is screaming!! What to do?? She won't stop crying? I'm tired, i want to sleep!!! Rudy was busy! Can't really be with us 24/7. Reality bites.... And when I'm just starting to enjoy having that cute little pie, she was taken away again from me (a bit sentimantal) she got jaundice. The bilirubin was very high. It was 26. From a fair skinned baby, she turned so dark :'( I hated the hospital doctors that failed to notice sooner. I hated all of them to inject such a frail little baby's hand with needle. I hate the fact that she had to be away from us for more than a week. That week without Sarah, I cried so hard and so much. BUT, that moment also made me learn more about breastfeeding and made up my mind to start breastfeeding exclusively. All I do then was pump. And pump. And pump. I don't care I get a little, I pump. I was so determined. I felt like a cow, yes! But I couldn't care anymore. We kept sending the breastmilk to Sarah. I tought mine is not so bad. Quite ok. But when I saw another mommy send her breastmilk to the hospital for her jaundice baby, I felt heartbroken again. Mine is nothing compared to her.... Omg! When Sarah returned from the hospital, she got nipple confused. She doesn't want to breastfeed to me. She wanted bottle feeding. I kept trying to breastfeed her, but she would scream and cry. I felt so rejected. I was so frustated. So the battle with breastpumps and bottles kept going. If you ask me whether is tiring or not to keep pumping, i would answer VERY! I almost give up during the 4th month. Lucky for me, I had such a patient husband. He kept motivating me n help me in however he can. Yes. Having a baby is not 'that' fun. Along with the fun, comes big responsibilty. Ego n me time no longer come first. But YES! Having a baby is beautiful. The best feeling in the world. Cos' whenever you are down andtired, by looking at her smile, angelic face when she's asleep, touching that little fingers of hers and the feeling of loved by such an innocent being felt in heaven :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

what the...

I just shared this and that, but how come only the title shown?? where's the story?? aerghhh

approaching the day

Friday, August 6, 2010

big grin

Oh and by the way, I missed the details of my uud's bday and our own 2nd anniversary :p

Well, for Ud's bday.. I bought him a navigator which can't be use in Samarinda. smart! _ _" It can only be use in JAVA, Bali and Sumatra if I'm not mistaken. well never mind. and we didn't have much celebration, as we just get back from Jakarta. So, I just booked a room in Aston, Balikpapan. enjoyed our rest. the big boy turned 30. I wrote him a little love notes for him to read every single day. So, he got his note in Samarinda, Bali and jakarta :) quite an effort. and he got a bday card. a present. and dinner. that's about it, hehehe.

and the anniversary...well the night before, I was down because I thought he didn't plan or have anything for us. I got him a little cake by midnight. :(
and on the day itself, I spend most of the days in my mom's house.
So, he just fetched me to have a dinner. and we headed back home. but guess what?
He decorated the home! WOW!!
It turn out that the whole afternoon, he didn't go to the office but to buy this and that (candles n stuff). then he put lots and lots of candles and candles in a small glass all around our living room. he bought a bigger cake, haha. he put romantic music on. WOW!!!
thank u, darling :D super duper touched.

You are always the sweetest. I know there will be times when maybe we're out of idea of how to be romantic. or maybe we pass that stage. I don't know. But, I'm enjoying this very much now.
Love u, Ud.

boy or girl?

So, the baby is secretive! and up to today, I still don't know its gender, yet. At first, I was so sure that it's a boy. but now I'm beginning to wonder.

And the silliest part is that... I miscalculated my month. I guess 'a dodol' will always be a dodol. I know my weeks! but wrong months, I thought I'm in my 6th month by now, but I'm only in my 5th. sigh!! That means I'm even more overweight than I already am :( hiks.

I didn't pig out. but why so much weight gained?? and I realized, during the first trisemester when I was still throwing up so much, I drank plenty of those 'sweet-drinks' remember when I said I had to have juices in my refrigerator? I drank buavita, pulpy orange, love juice, you name it. _ _"
right from the moment I realized that, I quit drinking those sweet drinks and my weight become more controllable. thanks God. (but still overweight)

yes, I'm huge. Yes, its getting more and more heavy each day. but I'm still thanking God :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

5 Months Preggo ups I mean 4 months!

18 weeks...

I already put on weight around 6-7 kg. :(
I feel so bloated
I can't help my tummy to stay slim. it just keeps on bulging
I still don't like the taste of rice. except for sushi
I still don't like the taste and smell of soto. Even thinking about soto upset me
I also don't like meatball. but I still can eat it.
during the first trisemester up to my 4 months pregnancy, I had no trouble with food at all. I can eat almost anything, its just I still throw up a lot.
But around end of 4 months till now, I become picky on food.
I like to eat es serut. like ice kachang or melon sago type. but I particularly want the ice to still looks like mountain, you cant just 'obok2' the ice. Rudy did that twice! and I felt so sad.. lol... so weird.
I have to stock juices or any sweet drinks in my refrigerator.
I get tired so very easily
The Imsonia start! and I hate it
the uncomfiness of the big tummy also affect my sleeping pose already.

lots and lots of women out there enjoy being pregnant. love being pregnant. they said, they are pampered. they can eat 'guiltyless'. they feel very womanly.matured. love the changing of their body shape. and so on and so on.
NOT ME! I want this phrase to pass quickly. Around 4 more months to go and I can't wait!
yes, I'm terrible. I really don't like the pregnancy stage :p
Thankfully there is Jo around. who felt the same way like I do. make me feel less guilty and something like 'hey, I know someone who feels this way too! I'm not an alien after all' hahaha

the lost

After the Bali trip, actually both Rudy and I lost our close relative.
I lost an aunt.. she fight cancer
He lost his uncle (aunt's husband) he passed away too fast :( after fighting tetanus.

So, after the wonderful trip, there goes the bad news. And we had to help to do this and that, lost our beauty sleep, cried, and forget all about updating the blog.

Its been a month. I can't even start to write what I felt.. what i faced.. so just leave it be.

Bye Ku Ing. Bye Om Siong. You will greatly be missed.
(6/7/2010 & 8/7/2010)

Friday, June 4, 2010

SilQ Priavate Residence

here I am, enjoying our private villa to the very bits...

I ensure you, this villa is so highly recommended. we LOVE it here.

Its spacious. Its clean. Its modern. Its well equipped. The hospitality is warm.
I get up early this morning and enjoy swimming in the private pool. We can also enjoy the jacuzzi. My, my, my....

there will be a second time we spend it here. worth every penny spend :)

Btw, Last night, we enjoyed Indian exotic cuisine in Seminyak area, called Queen Tandoor. Its yummy. but quite pricey, but then again, whats not pricey in Bali?? :p I love the rogan josh and of course the tasty Tomato soup :) :)

Oh and yesterday I also spent time at the Rock Bar, Ayana. a bit far, but a lovely place. Its at a cliff and u can see the indian ocean from the bar. unfortunetely we can't see sunset yesterday, but still the place is beautiful. Its open at 5 PM but u have to wait earlier than that. we arrived at around 4 and already lined up... at 5, u can only wait to go in. the place is not that big.. but if u have the time, do visit :)

okay, I'll post more story and more picture, I forget to bring cable to connect my camera to the lappy :p see ya

Thursday, June 3, 2010


(Laka Leke, Ubud)

(Queen tandoor, Seminyak) (Bu Oka, Ubud) (Baten Waru, Kuta)

babymooning is here :)

Start from Surabaya to Malang. I've eaten a lot!
From nasi buk, rawon tessy, bakso subur, nasi krengsengan daging Subuh up to Sushi, Salmon and grilled scallop :p

Enjoying the wedding party of Erwin and Zenia. A simple yet warm party where we can mingle around. Rain was pouring cat and dog.. I was morning sick. but it didn't stop the warm and happy feeling shared that day :)

and then we go to BALI!!!! :)

1st day, we stayed at Harris riverview. the hotel itself is actually not bad. It's an apartment type with two rooms. clean. modern. spacious. the only thing is that is not that near to the beach or the crowd of legian/kuta. so, to go around one still have to drive around. If you're familiar with Bali, it is ok. but if you're not then it's not that reccomended eventhough its fare is good.
We stayed here with the newly weds and Ge. (a honeymoon with followers, hihi)

But, we didn't waste time staying at the hotel. the 1st day itself, we already went to Ubud. It took us around 45minutes to get there. and we pigged out! satisfied but I can hardly breathe. lol
I eat 'babi guling' or suckling pig bu Oka. it's very, very well-known. crowded and yummy. a plate shared by me and ud. not because the portion is small, but because we still want to hunt other food.
after bu Oka, I thought we would walk around ubud area and then eat again. Turn out, we went to naughty nuri's straight to eat spare ribs, and the spare ribs here is SO GOOD!!! of course we shared it again.
and then, we continued looking for a place called LAKA LEKE. I saw it at the "pak Bondan" show in tv. its a hideaway restaurant. nice place. like padi field. The 5 of us ordered a plate of 'the famous Laka Leke Crispy Duck' and shared it. delicious. but we are already very full. hehe.

So, off we back to Kuta area. had an ice cream. and go home, exhausted. my tummy is so bloated! I felt like I gain 10 kgs just in 1 day :p
and I thought we had enough food dor the day. Apparently we still had nasi padang for the night... and off we go to dreamland =)

so long... till we meet in day 2 in Bali. (Psstt... we're gping to SilQ villa) tata...
p/s: photos of food will be uploaded..

Friday, May 14, 2010

preparing my "babymoon"

Just like you know, how much Rudy and I love travelling, we're going to have our (1st) 'babymoon'.
I just hope there will be the 2nd, 3rd and so on, yah ud?? :)

Why 'babymooning' ?
1. Of course it is just an excuse so I can still travel :p
2. Well, I think it is very important (at least for us) cos' this is going to be our very last chance of being a 'single' couple. after this our life would be mommy and daddy.. forever! so, yeah! Let's travel, beybeh!
3. I don't know what kind of life behold after a baby enters our world. Should be a wonderful one. But our life now is 1 hell of a wonderful one, too... so it is our kind of 'goodbye' to old life

Basicly its just that.

So, where to?
A place that is loved by both of us, for sure..
I want USA!! huhuhu but, its very far and costly :'( so have to wait next in line, hikz

This time, have to be content with Bali. But, I always love Bali. So, it really doesn't matter if we have to spend again and again and again in Bali. Funny is that, when we go to Bali, it's most likely that we stay at the same hotel over and over again :( that way how can we explore new hotels? sigh... well, to be honest, we would like to try different accommodations, but facing the $$$$$ problem, usually 'forced' us to return to our lovely bed n breakfast hotel. ha ha.

but not this time! We want a new environment. a new atmosphere. and we made a deal to always try a new accommodation the next time we go to Bali. (cross my fingers) ha ha.

And now, I'm browsing around to find nice villa, nice hotel. of course nice as in great location, great rooms, clean, modern, hip, happening and AFFORDABLE!. and that can be so hard because of the budget, rite? rite? argghhhh.... headache. If we've seen some that we like, its fully booked on the date. the one available, we don't really like the room. or the facilities... sigh.

well, I will keep this updated. I will share where we stay. how is the service. how is the hotel or villa. so long for now. tata

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

2 months, yet so amazing (at least to me)

With 2 months of pregnancy :
my tummy is already bulging. and its quite big!! I though 2 months time the tummy should still be flat??!! I'm supposedly still slim? how come my tummy is bulging already ?? oh no!!

the baby likes to travel or go out a lot. I was so worried that I'll have trouble flying. I'll be weak or nausea like always. but amazingly, the baby is soooo good!!! -.-" no trouble AT ALL! It was in fact one of my best day throughout my pregnancy. amazing, haha.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

morning sickness and him :)

Oh and by the way, believe it or not, Rudy also get the 'morning sickness' hehe

During the first week of my pregnancy, he also felt nausea and weak. And now, he cannot see something 'disgusting' or 'smelly' as he said.

eg. He went to a public toilet. it stinks. usually, he would feel nothing, now he wanted to vomit. Also, we went outside to eat. the server is late to clean up the mess on the table, he saw the 'dirty' plate (its just a plate with unfinished rice, actually) and he's again so disgusted and almost vomit. that's so funny, :D

Anyway, I still feel weak sometimes. Lik yesterday, ugh, it was one of the worst day. I cant even get up.. sigh. and I think my stomach is so gassy, that it hurts... I felt as if i'm being poked.
the bad news doesn't stop there. So this morning when I ate yellow rice, my upper top braces came off! I don't know how it happen, but because of it, I have to fly to Jakarta. tommorow! Being honest, I really dread this trip. I'm just worried that the pregnancy is so young that something might happen, but also, the braces is very disturbing. So, I guess i'm left with no choice. sigh. So, if you happen to read this post, please pray for us. I really, really hope that everything is going to be alright.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Do you face morning sickness, yent?

'Sure, I do!'
In fact, its not only in the morning. but almost throughout the day. But, I still think that it's better than most people, hehe.

Well, at least I still could eat happily. When some people can't stand the smell of this and that, I'm fine. When some people crave for this and that, I'm fine. Well, I do want to eat some particular food, but so far it's not weird. Oh, and I do realized that I especially love soup, lately. yah, I do look for soup to accompany for almost all my meals :)

In the earlier week, after eating I would usually threw up. Felt very bad nausea, my whole body felt weak. low blood-pressure. felt very sick. felt miserable. But, it ease up along the way. Thanks God. I still face nausea and vomitting still continue. But it's much better compared to the earlier week. So, I think... I hope... I don't have to face this for more than 3 months :D

Oh one more difference since the pregnancy, now almost every morning, I wake up before 8 o'clock. Something so rare, haha...

Well, okay, that's it. cheers everyone ;)

Monday, April 12, 2010


There are two stripes in my test pack ;) hehe
yes, it's a positive. I have even checked it @ a lab, and it is positive :)
I can't help but smile the whole day.

So, the 'uninvited every month guest' is late this month. But is normal, isn't it. It should come real soon, or so I guess because I had these stomach and leg cramps every night. I was sleepy for 2 days, days and night.. but again I thought it was because I woke up too early to work and anyway, I love sleeping :p One day at my grandma, I was very very hungry around 5.30 PM. unusual, but nothing cross my mind. Somehow, its already late by a week. and the cramps wouldn't go away. I jokingly said to Rudy, if it is not the menstruation, must be the pregnancy. I must be pregnant. But, that was just a crazy joke we shared. and because on Friday morning Rudy had to fly to Jakarta, so we decided to buy another test pack.

On Thursday morning, I sleepily took the test. well, to be honest I was expecting a stripe. cos, the few times I tested, it was ALWAYS a stripe. I took the test this time just to make sure its another a stripe and I would be 'see, a stripe rite? nothing to worry'. but then, 2 stripes appeared. fast and clear. and I was there, in the toilet, stunned and ... stunned...

walked slowly back to the bed, showed it to my sleeping dodol, and he was like... urmmmm read the instruction and we prayed. yes, he tried not too be overjoyed :( cos, he's afraid its a wrong alarm...haiyah. So we went to the lab and checked... and its positive. see husband! you should be overjoyed, so happy with me on the first alarm... on the second one just to ensure you, its not that surprising anymore, isn't it?? dodol! hehehe

we prayed, I had tears in my eyes. I couldn't believe it. God trusted us with the little baby. I can't thank You God, enough.
Only in You, I surrender our health and well-being.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


I think I've been quite negative lately :(

I dunno, it's not like I want to be so negative.. but it's so hard to stay positive while u r seeing some negative things happen. I tried to look at the positive sides, but.. well I've tried too much to look at the positive sides, but who am I fooling?

I am just so freaking tired with manipulative, fake, pretentious, full of shit people rite now. Like I shared in my facebook status; pretentious person is just like a cross stitches piece. pretty at the front but so twisted and messed up at the back. dont u think so??

I'm disappointed with someone close to me. To see 'this' side of them.. well, I never like fake, 'plastic' type of person, so yeah, its still hard for me to respect them.
have u ever meet anyone like that? care to share with me?

people change

so what have I been up to???

1. I cook real dish food! and yes, I'm really excited and proud about it :p it's not that simple frozen food. Not the fry-fry only type. Not the simple ingredients type of dish. But those dish with cutting, chopping, onion, ginger, oyster sauce, this and that sauce. also the clean and chopping meat also veggies. all the 'beribed', messy preparations. and success!! taste good. edible. no one has stomache. hoho. yay!

2. I started to give tuition to kids again. I stopped because I was bored. had a limited time for myself. likes to be free. but then when the offer is there, I think again. and I'm ready to give tuition again.

3. I am into gardening now, hehe. It's been a year my garden is just grass and 2 trees. that's it. I don't even water it and so on. But now, I bought lotsa sanseviera and planted it in a pot. many, many pots. I planted iris. water lily. Pandan Bali, and bambu air in the garden. I water, I watched it everyday. I even plucked out 'rumput liar' hahay.... Let's see how long it will last :p

well, I changed :)

for fun :)

Favorite Color: white
Favorite Car: hmm... nothing in particular
Favorite Movie: drama comedy type
Favorite Hobby: travelling
Favorite Song/Singer: olivia
Favorite Book/Author: perahu kertas by dee
Favorite School Subject: Bio
Favorite Vacation Destination: Bali
Favorite Food: fried rice
Favorite Restaurant: Il mare, Hotel Mulia deh, cos im being proposed there, hehe
Favorite Animal: well if I have to choose... puppy maybe?
Favorite Store: nothing in particular
Favorite Celebrity : Julia Robert
Favorite Childhood Friend: Jane
Favorite Baby Name: ermmm chiko, but Uud said it sounds like a doggy's name :p
Favorite Person In Your Life: my grandma from my dad's side :)
Favorite Facebook Application : photos

Chocolate or Vanilla: mint ;p
Big Mac or Whopper: whopper
Coke or Pepsi : anything
Beer or Wine: beer
Coffee or Tea: tea
Apple Juice or O.J.: orange juice
Facebook or MySpace: facebook
Summer or Winter: winter
Windows or Mac: windows (masi blom familiar ama mac niyyy)
Cats or Dogs: dogs
Boxers or Briefs: g-string! haha
Rain or Shine : both
Chips or Popcorn: chips
Salty or Sweet: salty
Plane or Boat: plane and cruise :D
Morning or Night: both
Movie or Play: both :)
Walk or Drive: in Indonesia- drive!
Money or Love: Love + money hehe
Breakfast or Dinner: dinner
Forgiveness or Revenge: forgiveness
Paint or Wallpaper: wallpaper
House or Apartment: hmmmm.... hard choice

Have Any Pets: nope
Have Any Children: not yet
Smoke: tried and done
Drink: sometimes
Exercise: sometime
Spend Your Life On Facebook: nah..
Play On A Sports Team: in high school
Belong To Any Organizations: nope
Love Your Job: yes
Like To Cook: yeah
Play An Instrument: no
Sing: yup
Dance: when im clubbing
Speak Multiple Languages: yes
Ice Skate: tried, succeed, but have forget how to already
swim: yes
Paint: no
Write: yes
Ski: would love to try one day
Juggle: with 2 tennis balls heheh

Stolen Anything: nah..
Been Drunk Before Noon: no
Had Sex In A Public Place: errmmmm.... yap haha =p
Got Caught Telling A Lie: yes
Got A Speeding Ticket: no
Been Arrested: errr... once =p
Littered: yes
Fantasized About A Co-Worker: NAH!
Cheated On A Test: yes
Cheated In A Relationship: no
Failed A Class: yes, french class, bcoz of my sotoy sister!! we didn't even take the test!
Screened Your Phone Calls: yes
Eaten Food Off The Floor: errr... yah... haha
Stuck Gum Under A Desk: no, eewww
Wished You Were Someone Else: before yes. now, i'm just thankful to be me
Cried During A Movie: yes
Had A One Night Stand: no

Describe Yourself In One Word: complex
Biggest Fear: losing all my dear ones
Your Proudest Accomplishment: succeed in making REAL dishes recently, haha
#1 Priority In Your Life: my family
Dream Job: well-known make up artist with to-die-for make up set :p
Special Talents: being annoying :p
Where Are You Right Now: @ home
Where Would You Rather Be: In US with great job
Famous Person You Want To Meet: Chef Bara
Place To Visit Before You Die: hmmm.... would love to be able to go to kampung Sampireun again :)
Song Played At Your Funeral: heh?? never crossed my mind

Have you laughed until you cried: yes
Have you found out who your true friends were: some of them
Met someone who changed you: yes
Kissed anyone on your friends list: yes
What were you doing at midnight last night: sleep
Name something you CANNOT wait for: another trip
Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: yeah
What are you listening to right now: television
What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: being engaged to a totally wrong person
Last time you saw your father : last nite
Most visited webpage: my blog

First surgery : never been to one
First piercing : when I was still a baby, I got my ears pierced
First best friend : QSS girls
First sport you joined : swimming
First pet : none
First vacation : Balikpapan? Surabaya?
First concert : Andy lau's Concert during my teenager time
First crush : primary school, haha

Your ex and You: still alive
I am listening to: television
Maybe I should: have a friend like chef bara!? how great would that be? or maybe I should really just book air tickets and booked a villa @ Bali and fly there without hestitation??
I love: my husband
My best friend(s): uud, my sis, my mom and those 'ndud-mdud' girls, haha =p
I don't understand: myself sometime
I have lost my respect for: that manipulative, FAKE B*tch!!
The meaning of my display name is: I think its quite clear
I will always be: a dodol wife
Love seems to: be here at my home :)
I never ever want to lose: my dear ones, and that includes my dear bags haha
I get annoyed when: my dodol husband interrupt my story to ask me tons of irrelative questions!
Do you like parties?: yes
Today I: feel great
I wish: I'll be a wise person. amen

Tuesday, February 16, 2010



is hot, gersang, not much to see. Has a nicer mall compared to Samarinda, much nicer. Has a YUMMY seafood. overall, not much we can do in Banjar.

We enjoyed our short holiday trip there. I always try to enjoy my wherever-I-go-trip. especially this is my first time there. Also, spending quality time with my bro n sis in-law is always a pleasure.

I thank God that we (me with bro n sis in-law) are quite close. Still not that close, yet cos I just know them for a short period of time and don't have the chance to know them on daily basics. But still, we don't have any problem with each other. each of my in-law is great. nice. kind. friendly. and on top of everything, no jealousy between us. I really hope we could really become a great in law. having a conflict with in-laws must be sucks =p

anyway, really happy to see my hubby enjoyed having a great time with his brothers.
Happy Chinese New Year and also a wonderful Valentine, all =)